Library Service FAQ
Here are our best answers to the most frequently asked pandemic-related service questions.

Will you cancel programs?
Our Director and Trustees have been keeping abreast of the current situation and are
making decisions daily as new information comes out.
If the Winnisquam school district closes, we will cancel our programs and
possibly reduce some of our service hours, so that we don’t simply become a
new center of contagion. If that happens, we will post on our social media and
send the information to WMUR and WFTN. 

How will the library promote social distancing?
We have already made changes to some of our spaces.
In the future, we may be forced to limit computer time or even open hours.
We have also started a curbside pickup service where you can visit the library
and we will bring some items out to you. 

What extra cleaning are you doing?
A lot! In addition to our normal cleaning service daily,
the staff is spending some time each day rotating through a list of
places to wipe down with sanitizing cleaning solution.

Should I use the Book Drop?
Yes! If you are not feeling well, please use the outside Book Drop.

What if I am out of renewals?
We are very flexible right now. If you need extra time, just give us a call. 

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