Ferris by Kate DiCamillo (J FIC)

Averil Offine by Amy Noelle Parks (MID FIC)

Afternoon On The Amazon by Jenny Laird (J GN)

Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder by Dav Pilkey (J GN)

Orcs! Volume 1 by Christine Larsen (J GN)

Orcs! The Curse by Christine Larsen (J GN)

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren (J FIC)

Ivy and Flame by Julie Sykes (J FIC)

The Drama Llama by Rachek Morrisroe (E)

I Did It! By Michael Emberley (ER)

No Cats In The Library by Lauren Emmonds (E)

You’re Going To Love This Book! By Jory John (E)

 Pretty Ugly by David Sedaris (E)

Ploof by Ben Clanton (E)

Cooperative Co-parenting For Secure Kids by Aurisha Smolarski (PS )

Cross My Heart and Never Lie by Nora Dasnes (MID GN)

Making Friends: Together Forever by Kristen Gudsnuk (MID GN)

The Love Report: Volume 1 by Beka (MID GN)

All Is Not Lost by Maria Scrivan (MID GN)

Sunny Makes Her Case by Jennifer L. Holm (MID GN)

Butterflies by Bluey (E)

Treasures of the Maya by Geronimo Stilton (J GN)

Big Nate: This Means War by Lincoln Peirce (J GN)

Ten Little Rabbits by Maurice Sendak (E)

Spreckle’s Snack Surprise by Sandra Salsbury (E)

I’m Not Small by Nina Crews (E)

Let’s Be Friends = Seamos Amigo by Rene Colato Lainez (E)

Amira’s Picture Day by Reem Faruqi (E)

The Impossible Mountain by David Soman (E)

Today by Gabi Snyder (E)

This Little Kitty In The Garden by Karen Obuhanych (E)

Cranky by Phuc Tran (E)

The Teeny-Weeny Unicorn  by Shawn Harris (E)

The Artist by Ed Vera (E)

Mr. McCloskey’s Marvelous Mallards: the making of make way for ducklings by Emma Bland Smith (E)

Hom by Jeanna Willis (E)

Words of Wonder from A to Z by Zalla Avant-Garde (E)

Grandad’s Camper by Harry Woodgate (E)

I Can Be All Three by Salima Alikahn (E)

Under the Blanket Sky by Tim Fischer (E)

No Bunnies Here! By Tammi Sauer (E)

The Rhino Suit by Colter Jackson (E)

Here Be Dragons by Susannah Lloyd (E)

The Sweetest Scoop: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Revolution by Lisa Robinson (E)

Glitter Everywhere!: Where It Came From, Where It ‘s Found and Where It’s Going by Chris Barton (E)

Jumbo’s Enchanted Journey by Carolynne Chandler (E)

The Secret Fairy Tea Party by Carolynne Chandler (E)

The Great Fairy Escape by Carolynne Chandler (E)

Lucky duck by Greg Pizzoli (E)

I Do Not Eat Children by Marcus Cutler (E)

Hazel’s Theory Of Evolution by Lisa Jenn Bigelow (J FIC)

Onyeka And The Academy Of The Sun by Tola Okogwa (J FIC)

Things in the Basement by Ben Hatke (J GN)

Five Nights at Freddy’s Fazbear Frights: graphic Vol 1 by Scott Cawthorn (MID GN)

Waverider by Kazu Kibuisi (MID GN)

North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson (J FIC)

Batcat by Meggie Ramm (J GN)

Dare To Be Scared! by Stephen Shaskan (J GN)

Day of the Living Liv by Liv Livingston (J GN)

What You Need To Be Warm by Neil Gaiman (E)

Pete the cat plays hide-and-seek by Kimberly & James Dean (E)

Chicka chicka 1, 2, 3 by Bill Martin, Jr. (E)

Ancient night by David Álvarez

Fiona the fruit bat by Dan Riskin (E)

Llama Llama time to share by Anna Dewdney

Elmer and Rose by David McKee (E)

Elmer and Grandpa Eldo by David McKee (E)

Clark the Shark dares to share by Bruce Hale (E)

Ten little caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr (E)

The lion & the mouse by Jerry Pinkney (E)

Giraffes can't dance by Giles Andreae (E)

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see? By Bill Martin, Jr (E)

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson (E)

Chicka chicka boom boom by  Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault (E)

The very busy spider by Eric Carle (E)

The very quiet cricket by Eric Carle (E)

Horton hears a Who! By Dr. Seuss (E)

The rhino who swallowed a storm by LeVar Burton & Susan Schaefer Bernardo (E)

Whales by Jennifer Szymanski (E)

Wash Day by Tiffany Golden (E)

Greenlight by Breanna Carzoo (E)

The Paddington Treasury by Michael Bond (E)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling (MID)

Eloise at Christmastime by Kay Thompson (E)


Tiny Humans, Big Emotions by Alyssa Blask Campbell (PS)

Different Kinds of Minds: a Guide to your Brain by Temple Grandin (J)

It Happened on Saturday by Sydney Dunlap (MID)

No Place Like Home by James Bird (MID)

Pete the Cat: Out of this World by James Dean (E)

Pete the Cat: Cavecat Pete by James Dean (E)

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete by James Dean ( E)

Too Cool For School by Stephen Shaskan (J GN)

Rock Out! By Stephen Shaskan (J GN)

B7-2 by Scott Cawthon (MID)

Tiger Rock by Scott Cawthon (MID)

Nexie by Scott Cawthon (MID)

The Bobbiedots Conclusion by Scott Cawthon (MID)

Submechanophobia by Scott Cawthon (MID)

Somniphobia by Scott Cawthon (MID)

Happs by Scott Cawthon (MID)

Lally’s Game  by Scott Cawthon (MID)

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? By Dr. Seuss (E)

Dr. Seuss’s ABC by Dr. Seuss (E)

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket by Dr. Seuss (E)

Peppa’s New Neighbours by Neville Astley (E)

Peppa’s Fishy Friends by Neville Astley (E)

George and the Noisy Baby by Neville Astley (E)

Peppa Goes Boating by Neville Astley (E)

Peppa Goes on Holiday by Neville Astley (E)

Miss Rabbit’s Day Off by Neville Astley (E)

George’s Balloon by Neville Astley (E)

Peppa Goes Skiing by Neville Astley (E) 

Around the World with Pippa by Neville Astley (ER)

Old Macdonald had a farm by James Dean (E)

The Wheels on the bus by James Dean (E)

Anna’s Birthday Surprise by Jessica Julius (E)

Pete the Cat Checks Out the Library by James Dean (E)

Rock On, Mom and Dad by James Dean (E)

Penguins by Anne Schreiber (ER)

Clark the Shark Friends Forever by Bruce Hale (ER)

Clark the Shark Gets a Pet by Bruce Hale (ER)

Clark the Shark: Too Many Treats by Bruce Hale (ER)

Clark the Shark and the Big Book Report by Bruce Hale (ER)

Words by Bill Martin (E)

Llama Llama Sand & Sun by Anna Dewdney (E)

Llama Llama Zippity-Zoom by Anna Dewdney (E)

Llama Llama Hoppity Hop by Anna Dewdney (E)

Arthur Loses His Patience by Marc Brown (E)

Sleeping Beauty by Michael Teitelbaum (E)

Brave by Tennant Redbank (E)

Frozen II by Nancy Cote (E)

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (E)

Cinderella (E)

Monsters. Inc. by Andrea Posner-Sanchez (E)

Moana by Laura Hitchcock (E)

Tangled by Ben Smiley (E)

Mulan by Gina Ingoglia (E)

Shrek by Emily K. Hutta (E)

Aladdin by KAren Kreider (E)

Toy Story by Kristen L. Depken (E)

The Little Mermaid by Michael Teitelbaum (E)

The Lion King by Justine Korman (E)

Beauty and the Beast by Teddy Slater (E)

Frozen by Victoria Saxon (E)

The Princess and the Frog by Victoria Saxton (E)

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure by Andrea Posner-Sanchez (E)

A Kids Book About Failure by Laymon Hicks (PS)

A KIds Book About Equality by Billie Jean King (PS)

A Kids Book About Empathy by Daron K. Roberts (PS)

Beginning Readers by Bobby Lynn Maslen (PS)

Sight Words by Lynn Maslen Kertell (PS)

Pre-Reading Skills by Lynn Maslen Kertell (PS)

Word Families by Lynn Maslen Kertell (PS)

Long Vowels by Lynn Maslen Kertell (PS)

Rhyming Words by Lynn Maslen Kertell (PS)

First Stories by Lynn Masle Kertell (PS)

Sight Words by Lynn Maslen Kertell (PS)

Alphabet by Lynn Maslen Kertell (PS)

Elmer’s Birthday by David McKee (E)

Elmer and the Rainbow by David McKee (E)

Elmer and the Big Bird by David McKee (E)

Elmer and the Whales by David McKeee (E)

Elmer and Wilbur by David McKee (E)

Elmer in the Snow by David McKee (E)

Elmer and the Lost Teddy by David McKee (E)

Elmer by David McKee (E)

Elmer and the Tune by David McKee (E)

Elmer and the Race by David McKee (E)

Elmer and Super EL by David McKee (E)

Elmer’s Special Day by David McKee (E)

Elmer Again by David McKee (E)

If I Ran the Circus by Dr. Seuss (E)

A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond (J)

Slavery and the African American Story by Patricia Williams Dockery (MID)

 Flabby Does Not LIke Valentine's Day by J.E. Morris (E)

Love From Bluey by Suzy Brumm (E)

Garfield: Fully Caffeinated His 75th Book by Jim Davis (J GN)

Hana the Thunder Dragon by Maddy Mara (J)

The Encounter by Chris Grine (J GN)

The Message by Chris Grine (J GN) 

Rhinos at Recess by Mary Pope Osborne (J)

Pizza and Taco: Wrestling Mania! By Stephen Shaskan (J GN)

Claudia and the Bad Joke by Ann M. Martin (MID GN)

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Volume 4 by Scott Cawton (MID GN) 

Above the Trenches by Nathan Hale (MIDGN)

Break by Kayla Miller (MID)

Weird but True! World 2024 by National Geographic (J)

World War I by Simon Adams (J)

Reptile by Colin McCarthy (J)

Universe by Robin Kerrod (J)

Fossil by Paul D. Taylor (J)

Ink Girls by Marieke Nijkamp ( J GN)

Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe by HF Brownfield (J GN)

Escape from Mr. Limoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein (J GN)

Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiences by Victoria Grace Elliott ( J GN)

2024 Book of World Records by Cynthia O’Brien (J)

The Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London (F)

The Case of the Strange Splash by Henry Winkler (J)

Tonight on the Titanic by Mary Pope Osborne (J)

Violet & Jobie in the Wild by Lynne Rae Perkins (J)

The Missing Magic by Rebecca Elliott (J)

Slugfest by Gordon Korman (J)

Trees by Tony Johnston (E)

The Great Banned-Books Bake Sale by Aya Khalil (E)

The World Belonged to Us by Jacqueline Woodson (E)

Patchwork by Matt de la Pena (E)

Listen by Shannon Stocker (E)

Roll Call by Molly Knox Ostertag (MID)

Minecraft The Outsider by Danica Davidson (J)

Winter Turning by Barry Deutsch (MID)

The lights that dance in the night by Yuval Zommer (E)

Silver Linings by Fiona Woodcock (E)

The notebook keeper: a story of kindness from the border by Stephen Briseno (E)

I am a tornado by Drew Beckmeyer (E)

The big cheese by Jory John (E)

A little ferry tale by Chad Otis (E)

Hiding: a story about finding quiet in a busy world by Kate Pugsley (E)

Tia Fortuna’s new home by Ruth Behar (E)

I want 100 dogs by Stacy McAnult (E)

Love, Violet by Charlotte Sullivan Wild (E)

Amy Wu and the ribbon dance by Kat Ahang (E)

Quiet time with my Seeya by Dinalie Dabarera (E)

How to write a poem by Kwame Alexander & Deanna Nikaido (E)

I made these ants some underpants by Derick Wilder (E)

Max and Moonbean by Rob Scotton (E)

Invader from Mars by Peggy Robbins Janousky (E)

Maribel’s Year by Michelle Sterling (E)

Spicy Spicy Hot! By Lenny Wen (E)

The together tree by Aisha Saeed (E)

Don’t Eat the Bees: life lessons from chip the dog by Dev Petty (E)

If I was a horse by Sophie Blackall (E)

I love you like yellow by Andrea Beaty (E)

Jack the library cat by Marietta Apollonio (E)

Why: a book for kids who have lost a parent to suicide by Melissa Allen Heath (E)

Hands on science: geology by Lola M. Schafer (E)

The Horseback librarians by Jane Yolen (E)

Being a dog: a tail of mindfulness by Maria Gianferrari (E)

Tap!Tap!Tap!: Dance! Dance! Dance! By Herve Tullet (E)

From here to there: a first book of maps by Vivian French  (E)

Manolo & the unicorn by Jackie Azua Kramer & Jonah Kramer (E)

When the sky glows by Nell Cross Beckman (E)

Something Beautiful by Lita Judge (E)

Kitty by Rebecca Jordan-glum (E)

Lost inside my head : the story of a boy who can't help being different by Vincent Gagnon (E)

How does Santa go down the chimney? By Mac Barnett  (E)

Winter: A solstice Story by Kelsey E. Gross (E)

Don't let the pigeon drive the sleigh!by Mo Willems (E)

Just a girl by Lia Levi (J)

A first guide to dogs by Dr. John Bradshaw (J)

A first time for everything by Dan Santat (MID)

Gnome and Rat by Lauren Stohler (J)

Survival Sout: lost in the mountain by Maxwell Eaton III (J)

Stories of the Islands by Clar Angkasa (J)

The Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell (J)

Iveliz Explains it All by Andrea Beatriz Arango (MID)

The bad guys in look who's talking by Aaron Blabey (J)

Grace the cove dragon by Maddy Mara (J)

The glitter bug by Rebecca Elliott (J)

The official Wings of Fire how to draw by Tui T. Sutherland (J)

The Minecraft ideas book : create the real world in Minecraft by Thomas McBrien

Children's quick & easy cookbook by Angela Wilkes (J)

Frankenslime by Joy Keller (E)

Chubby bunny by Julie Murphy (E)

Noodle conquers Comfy Mountain by Jonathan Grazino (E)

Lila Greer, teacher of the year by Andrea Beaty (E)

The golden hour by Niki Smith (MID)

The absent alpacas by Kayla Whale (J)

Shibanban : super cute doggies by Yasuteru Ogoshi (MID)