The Healing Library is a series of kits designed to make a family's journey of healing following a trauma easier to navigate and personalize. 

​Designed with the intention of being lent out by libraries the materials for these scaleable kits are available for free to download and assemble yourself. 

​Each Kit consists of the following:

A Discussion Guide – with tips for discussing the difficult subject as a family

Activities Guide – consisting of holistic art & play therapy activities to assist in expression, communication, & healing, we recommend you also include the materials to participate in the activities in your kit

Acts of Kindness Guide – featuring proactive activities of community support designed to empower

Community Helpers Guide – with national suggestions and opportunities for local customization, we encourage you to customize this section with local resources 

Curated Book Suggestions with Discussion Guides – providing observation and discussion prompts to utilize while sharing for each book provided

How to Use This Kit Guides – for both families and lending organizations

​By providing this wide variety of materials as well as the books and supplies needed to participate in the various activities lending organizations allow families to explore their healing journey without the distraction of added research or shopping. Instead, families can simply share in the experience of healing while engaging in social emotional learning together.

​The following kits are currently available:


The Death of a Pet

The Death of a Loved One