Free cards will be issued upon request to:

  • Any resident 14 years or older and/or a taxpayer of Tilton or Northfield.

  • Any resident under 14 of Tilton or Northfield who:

    • Can print his/her first and last name legibly

    • Has a parent/guardian sign the card.

    • New Juvenile patrons (14 and under) with a parent or guardian who has a card with over $5.00 in fines/fees, is still able to sign up for their first library card, however, the juvenile will be on limited checkout of one book and one DVD per visit, until the parent has paid off their fines/fees.

  • Any employee of the towns of Tilton or Northfield.

  • Any student or employee of schools located in Tilton or Northfield.

  • Institutions located in the towns may be eligible for a group card at the discretion of the Director.

  • Non-residents will be charged a yearly, or in some instances, 6 months, fee set by the trustees.

  • Lifetime membership cards (for non-residents) are available for $300.

  • Temporary residents of the residential facilities located in Tilton or Northfield may be allowed a free six-month card at the discretion of the Director.

Patrons must be present and fill out their own card (with exception of those physically unable to write).

Patrons unable to prove residency will be issued a card at the discretion of the Director. 


Interlibrary Loans:

Library users in good standing shall be able to request materials from other libraries in New Hampshire, and, at the discretion of the staff, beyond. The library shall make every effort to reciprocate by lending our material to other libraries in the state.

Right to Privacy:

In accordance with RSA 201-D:11, all library user records are confidential. An effort shall be made by staff issuing juvenile library cards to explain this law to the juvenile’s parent/guardian. The US Patriot Act supersedes the New Hampshire RSA’s.

When a patron signs up for a card s/he may verbally allow a parent/guardian/other to have access to the card and staff will note that on the card in our system. Access may be changed at any time per the card holder’s request. If a parent does not have access to a card they may not be told the titles that are currently checked out. They may however be told of any late fines and the amount of items that have been checked out.

Access to title information on patron’s accounts will be made available to police or other collection agencies in the event of a delinquent account.


Approved 4/6/2004, Updated 12/5/2011, Updated and Approved 6/13/2016