Material Selection and Maintenance Policy

The Hall Memorial Library will provide a well rounded collection of print and other materials of interest and informational value to its patrons.

Selection of material will be made by the staff on a regular basis, taking into consideration reviews, collection development needs, patron requests, replacement of outdated material or material in poor condition, and the materials budget. An attempt will be made to insure that material about controversial issues reflects more than one point of view.

The collection will be weeded to keep information available as up to date as possible. Discarded material will be either thrown away or made available for sale to the public.

Material given to the library will be added to the collection if the librarian so determines. Donors shall be informed that the librarian will determine the disposition of their gifts. Receipts will not be given for material donated to the library, however at the determination of the librarian, a thank-you note may be written.

Complaints about library materials should be referred to the librarian. Complainants shall be given a copy of this Materials Selection Policy, and, if needed, a “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form.

When said form is received, the librarian may contact the NHLA Intellectual Freedom Committee for help, and shall bring the request to the attention of the Board of Trustees for further action if necessary.

Updated and approved, May 4, 2004, August 2016

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