Library Charter

Document interpretation of our particular library charter:
  • The library association was established in the 1880s
  • A deed of trust was recorded in 1887 from Mary Hall Cummings to representatives from Tilton and Northfield.
The first association was dissolved in the 1970s and reestablished as the Tilton-Northfield Library Association, a voluntary association with particular rules and regulations listed below:
  • Maintaining and operation a library and reading room for the people of said towns 
  • Holding responsibility for all the physical assets of said library 
  • Holding responsibility for all monies used for said library 
  • Establishing rules and regulations for the library 
  • Electing officers 
  • Meeting as needed but at least yearly 
  • Keeping records of said meetings 
  • Making sure that the property is properly insured 
  • Choosing successors for the life long members with representation from each of the towns 
  • Making sure that the building is not used for purposes other that those associated with a library 
  • Making sure that the library is open to all 

Recorded by Mary Ahlgren, after meeting with Trustees and Scott McGuffin, June 7, 2005

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