Computer Use Policy

Hall Memorial Library offers public computers and wireless access to library users as part of its commitment to the community to provide accurate and timely information to its patrons.

The internet and public access computers as a resource, enable the library to provide information not available in its own collection. However they are an unregulated medium and material obtained through them may be inaccurate, offensive and even illegal. The library cannot censor your access to material or protect you from it. You are urged to be an intelligent consumer by checking the validity of the information you find.

We recommend that parents/guardians supervise their dependents' access; the library staff will not do so and will not be held responsible for inappropriate use.
  • By using the internet-access computers, patrons are indicating that they have read this statement and these guidelines and that they understand and will abide by them.
  • If no one is waiting, at the determination of the staff working at the circulation desk, a patron may be able to use the computer again.
  • Users are responsible for the cost of ALL their printed pages, including pages printed in error or excess.
  • Users shall respect the rights of other individuals using the internet and users shall obey all applicable federal, state and local laws regarding access, copyright and licensing.
  • Damage to the computer or its peripheral devices during use shall be the responsibility of the user. Damage may result in repair/replacement charges as well as denial of further access. Any problems must be reported to the staff immediately.
  • Library appropriate behavior is required at the computer at all times.
  • Only one person at a time may use the computer with the exception of a minor's parent/guardian/tutor.
  • Help will be given by staff ONLY if time permits.
  • Computers will shut down 10 minutes before the library closes.

Updated: Jan, 00, re-approved, Apr, 2004, changed Mar, 2006, Apr, 2008 updated March 2009, Oct 2009, Nov 2011, Jan, 2016, Aug 2016

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