New Hampshire Downloadable Audiobooks Information Page

You will need to enter in the code 4608 directly before your barcode # with no spaces to log in to Downloadables.

Getting Started With Audiobooks

Before downloading a WMA or MP3 audiobook to your computer, you must install the free OverDrive Media Console to your PC or Mac.

When installing the software and later when downloading audiobooks, never change the default folders. When you are prompted to create new folders, always do so! Do not try to put the software or digital files in different locations.

PC users have one more step after the software installation: The Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.

Downloading Audiobooks or eBooks

Before audiobooks or eBooks can be downloaded to your PC or Mac, the appropriate software must be installed on your computer.

Audiobooks require the OverDrive Media Console and eBooks require Adobe Digital Editions.

Web browsers handle downloads differently. Here are a few broad tips:
  • If using Windows Explorer, expect to "save" the file. The file will be saved and opened automatically with either the OMC or ADE (or Sony Reader Library, if you use a Sony eReader).
  • If using Firefox, "open" the file with either the OMC or ADE (Sony eReader users, open with Reader Library). 
  • If using Safari on a Mac, save the file. The file will typically be saved to the downloads folder. Double-click the file name to open with the appropriate software. 
Generally speaking, by installing the appropriate software, you are telling your computer that the software will open and manage the corresponding audiobook or eBook files.

Never change the default download location. If you have never downloaded an audiobook before now and are asked to create new folders, always approve creating the default folders and their locations. Always.

Transferring Audiobooks

Once the audiobook has been downloaded to your PC or Mac, it can be transferred to your compatible player.

Here are some tips:
  • Open OMC and connect player.
  • iPod users will need to have a current version of iTunes installed and running on their computer. Ideally, this is the same computer typically used to transferring music and apps to the same iPod. 
  • iPod users must make two changes within iTunes: 
    • With the iPod connected >> Visit iTunes >> Click on iPod's name in left sidebar >> in the center part of the screen, under the iPod's description, view "Manually Manage Music and Video." >> Select this option >> Apply.
    • From iTunes >> (Edit) >> Preferences >> Options >> Import Settings button >> Change to "Spoken Podcast. >> Save.
  • If another player besides iPods is used on a PC, no additional software besides the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) is required to run.
  • From OMC >> Select desired title (it should be blue) >> Click "Transfer" button. 
  • Allow the title to transfer. 
  • WMA titles transferring to an iPod will take 3 minutes or so per part to transfer. iTunes is working in the background. 
  • Disconnect the player when finished transferring.

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